Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dell Unveils 10-inch Inspiron Duo Tablet: The New Apple iPad Killer

Dell unveils its new tablet PC which is dubbed the Inspiron Duo at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF). However, the Inspiron Duo 10-inch doesn’t look much impressive compared to other tablets that we have seen such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

There has not been any information about the launch of Dell Inspiron Duo, but Dell is promising that it will be available later this year. It is yet to reveal the price of this device.

It includes Intel’s dual-core Atom N550 processor and will run Windows 7 Premium instead of Android. It seems very interesting as many tablet PCs are being made with Android Operating System. It was shown of running popular touchscreen game Plants vs Zombies.

What makes it different from other tablets is that it can be used as netbook also. The tablet PC could split open to reveal a large keyboard underneath. It would really attract the users who are looking for comfortable mobile computing. The amazing thing is that the screen can rotate within its frame and it would give users the taste of using netbook.

Its physical keyboard makes it a big rival for Apple’s iPad. It seems that they will take over iPad featuring this keyboard, which is considered the biggest weakness for iPad.

It is thought to be a great device for entertainment, but they aren't helpful to efficient.

"It's great for providing the productivity that you need to have, as well as allowing you to kick back, relax and enjoy entertainment on your own terms."

Dell is likely to make a big competition for Apple iPad in the tablet market. However, many companies have produced tablet PCs for their own but nothing could be an iPad alternative. There is no confusion that Dell Inspiron Duo will have to make its place amid touch competition.

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