Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Acer’s dual-screen laptop with 15-inch display will be available early next year

The notebook looks a little similar to Toshiba’s recently released Libretto W100 apart from the size. The Libretto W100 sports two 7 inch screens whereas Acer’s offering more than doubles that with two massive 15 inch screens.

Acer develops duel-screen laptop which comes with two 15-inch displays. Compared to the recently released Libretto W100, it has little resemblance apart from the size. The Libretto W100 features two 7 inch screens, which are half the size than Acer’s offer.

As the dual-display laptop comes with two big touchscreen displays, so it has no physical keyboard. However, one of the screens will be used for viewing or what we can call it as a display while the other screen will be used for multitasking including virtual keyboard and Trackpad.

Both screens would be able to receive multi touch input and it would also support drawing gestures for special tasks.

Most of the users are still not habituated of using virtual keyboards and one of the problems is the lack of tactile feedback whilst typing.

The lack of physical keyboard would be one of the biggest problems for users to type fast, but it would not matter too much for those who look at the keyboard keys whilst they type. It seems the lack of physical keyboard would be a major obstacle.

It will run on Windows 7 and include an Intel Core i5 2.67 GHz processor. There is possibility to change before launch.

If it releases the market next year then it will be the biggest ever dual-screen notebook ever so far. Let’s hope the battery life and cooling systems are up to scratch.

However, much information has not been found about the dual-display notebook. It is thought that the price of this device will be reasonable so that limited earner can buy it.

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