Thursday, September 16, 2010

HTC Desire Z receives its first price from

HTC Desire Z is the new smartphone unveiled by HTC. A day after making its official announcement, the Desire Z has been reported for getting its first price. It will cost €549 if bought from It is still much expensive compared to other smartphones and the price would not attract many people to buy it. Even it is €30 more than the original Desire when it was launched a while back.

However, the Desire Z is also not available to buy or pre-order. So, there is no more option except buy it in that price or wait few more years until it the price is decreased.

What is seen is that that UK e-tailer is offering the Desire Z much cheaper than Amazon. It has listed the new Android smartphone priced at £430. It has also give the Desire HD a price tag of £470. The price quoted on is not subsidized or contract free. To get the phone of this price, users will have to sign up for an 18 to 24 month contract.

According to Amazon UK, the HTC Desire Z has been listed with a pre-order price of £499. It will release on October 18, 2010, but the release date is not confirmed and it can be changed.

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