Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sony reveals the updated version of PSP

Sony has announced the release of its newly-designed PSP along with Monster Hunter Portable 3rd in Japan. It was revealed at the Tokyo Game Show. The new version of PSP and the game will start shipping in Japan as an exclusive package from December 1. This package will cost 19,800 Yen, or around $235 USD.

This updated version of PSP has come after slightly modifying the original version. Besides the new PSP hardware and the game, it is expected to contain some additional goodies. It will introduce a new analog stick. That slightly modified stick will include an indent for the thumb.

It is hard to find any dissimilarity between the specially designed Monster Hunter Portable 3 PSP and the PSP-3000. What makes it different from the older version is that it comes with a larger battery for extended life. Its long term battery life would make it more attractive for those people who spend so much time to this portable Monster Hunter gaming device. It is yet to know on how much longer the bigger battery will last.

It also includes handgrips on the back of the device and concave analog stick and buttons to ease long-term play.

Is there any possibility to ship this special Monster Hunter PSP to North America?

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