Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nepal: New Election is Perhaps the Only Way Out

It is no wonder that Nepal again failed to elect a new Prime Minister in the 8th round of voting. The top 4 political parties are at odds against each other and there is no hope of finding any solution to the problem. On Thursday, the ninth round of voting will take place and there is hardly any hope of any solution. Perhaps, holding a new election is the best solution. The election for Constituent Assembly (CA) took place in April 2008 and almost 2 and half years have passed. The mandate of the CA was originally for two years and it was supposed to create a new democratic constitution for the country.
There is hardly any doubt that the CA has failed and it is time Nepal gets a new election. The main problem is that no single party or group has majority in the CA and that is why even if a new government is formed in the ninth or tenth round of voting, it will be a weak government.
Baburam Bhattarai of the Maoists Party said, "It is clear that we cannot elect a new prime minister in this way. We should now look to form a national unity government."
However, a national unity government will not bring any hope for Nepal because the leaders of the top political parties now can only agree to disagree. 

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