Monday, September 20, 2010

South Asia Blog becomes a Media Partner of 3rd Cloud Computing World Forum Asia

We at South Asia Blog are excited to announce to all of our readers that we have become a media partner of the 3rd Cloud Computing World Forum – Asia event that is going to take place in Hong Kong 17 and 18 November.
We believe that South Asian countries should embrace cloud computing as soon as possible and from our strong belief, we have decided to give a lot of coverage to the 3rd Cloud Computing World Forum – Asia event in the next few weeks. We have been doing a lot of research lately about cloud computing in different South Asian countries and from next week you will definitely see a lot of entries about this field.
Some of the media partners for the event includes, Seeking Alpha (one of the top websites about Finance), Harvard Business Review Chinese Edition, Mashable, eWeek Europe etc. I do not need to remind you is that it is an impressive list and we are proud that South Asia Blog is in that list of media partners. is the home page of the event and we strongly recommend you to visit the event if you are in any way related to cloud computing.

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