Saturday, October 30, 2010

A new and happy beginning for South Asia Blog

It is my most favorite blog but it has suffered a number of false starts until now. Well, I started it on January 6-7 2009. At first, it had a fairy tale dream start. Within four month, it saw more than 100,000 page views in a month. Then I realized that shared hosting was not good for a blog with high traffic. So, I had to dismantle the entire blog and take it to Blogger hosting of Google. However, at the same time, my wife became very ill and me too. I tried to guide my three assistants and we did a decent job with it. Even we took it to Google news for two and half months and then we suffered a bad setback because of my health.
Yes, this is indeed my most favorite blog and it is like my own child. It has grown a lot and just passed 3 million page views last week. The blog has 1900 Feedburner subscribers and 141 followers. Except for bringing good amount of money, it is a successful blog in any factor. Well, as far as the money matter is concerned, it is not the fault of this blog or its content. It is my bad luck that I live in a country without any Paypal. In fact, I hardly have any choice except using Adsense for earning money.
In fact, money would not be a big factor but my health was very sick for the last 16 months. As a result, this blog could never get consistent efforts from me.
The good news is that my health has become all right and hopefully, I can return to fulltime blogging again from tomorrow. Now, my only goal is to create useful content for my readers. I have many readers and I am very happy for this matter. I like to thank all the readers of this blog. They have helped me a lot to recover from a nasty and long term illness.
Fortunately, I have been able to understand my problem and hopefully, things will be much better from now on. I want to write the content that got links from many good blogs. One thing that gives a lot of satisfaction about this blog is the way that visitors have commented. Every day, when I woke up from sleep and sit in my computer and log in to my blogger account, I can find some new comments for this blog. In the last 17 months, the blog has received 3940 comments. Before that in just 5 months, it got nearly 2,000 comments but all of these 2,000 comments got lost when I had to change hosting and Blogging platform.
It has been a very tough journey for me both physically and emotionally with this blog. I like it so much and it also saw success. However, I could not be consistent with it because of my bad health.
So, a new and fresh beginning for South Asia Blog and I hope that this time I can fulfill my dream of making it as the best and most successful blog about South Asia. 

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