Monday, November 1, 2010

Inspur Group: Leading Chinese server and storage hardware and software solutions provider comes to Bangladesh

At the ongoing BCS ICT World 2010, Inspur Group Co. Ltd. a leading ICT vendor of China came to exhibit its products. On October 31, 2010, I had the opportunity to do a short interview of Chi Chuan Yu, General Manager, Inspur Group Co. Ltd. and Ma Ying, Assistant General Manager, Inspur Group Co. Ltd. Here is an excerpt of the interview:

South Asia Blog: Tell us a bit about your company?

Ma Ying: Inspur Group Co. Ltd. is one of the leading IT companies in China. We specialize in server and storage hardware and software. Inspur is a leading vendor of industrial IT applications in China and the largest server manufacturer and server solutions supplier of the region. It is the only company to possess state key laboratory – The National Key Laboratory of Inspur High-efficiency Server and Storage Technology. We also produce computer, reinforced products, tax-control products and various other technology related products.

Chu Chian Yu (left) Ma Ying (right)

South Asia Blog: Is this your first trip to Dhaka?

Ma Ying: Yes, this is our first trip to Dhaka and we had a very enjoyable experience. The people of Dhaka are very much enthusiastic about IT. Bangladesh Computer Samity has taken a great step by organizing the BCS ICT Fair 2010. Bangladesh government is trying very hard to promote Internet and computer and the “Digital Bangladesh” initiative of the current government deserves lots of praise. One of the main problems of Dhaka city is the traffic. We hope that government takes care to control the traffic.

South Asia Blog: Tell us about the products that you brought to this fair?

Ma Ying: Here we mainly brought laptop products. One of the major products is Yejingang Complete Reinforced computer which is made from alloy and has stainless steel fittings. It offers great security and provides protection from information leakage and electromagnetic attack. On the first day of the fair, the Finance Minister visited our stall and saw our products and he was very satisfied. As I have mentioned earlier, our company produces a wide range of electronic products and this one of our many products. We mainly specialize in server hardware and software solutions.

South Asia Blog: What kind of response you are getting from the visitors in the fair?

Ma Ying: Well, we are getting very good response but at the BCS ICT World 2010 we are not selling anything. Here we are just exhibiting our products. We first want to raise awareness about our products among Bangladeshi consumers.

South Asia Blog: Can you tell us a bit about your company’s future business plans in Bangladesh?

Ma Ying: Yes of course. Inspur is very much interested to come to Bangladesh. Bangladesh has a fast growing ICT market and it has huge potential. We are looking for local partners to sell our products in Bangladesh.

South Asia Blog: Thank you very much for your time.

Ma Ying: Thank you.

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