Thursday, December 30, 2010

Five Lessons I learnt in 2010?

The year 2010 has almost come to an end. Just after 28 hours in my country, we are going to celebrate the New Year 2011. It is very important time to look back at the past one year. Today, I was thinking that what are the lesions that I have learnt from the past year. I am going to share with you about the five important things I have learnt in the last twelve months.
Health is really Wealth: Yes, I now totally agree with this proverb. My health really suffered in the last one year and only in the last two months, I have started to feel better. I have started to feel that all the poison from my body is gradually removing and as a result I am fresh. This freshness is very important for me. Now, I have a lot of hope about 2011 only because my health has improved significantly.
Ups and Downs are natural: I am like a focused kind of person who always wants to win and become successful. There is nothing wrong in it because if you want to do well in life you must be always focused. However, taking it to extreme can land you to disasters. This year, at one time, one of my Blogs could get one million page views in just two months. At that time, I almost killed myself by putting too much pressure to do better. Now, looking back on it, I feel that instead of trying too much, I should have taken it easily and I could easily sustain that level of success. Last month, that Blog got only 22,000 page views- just 5% of what I got in July 2010.
Changing eating Habit matters:  In 2010, with all the sadness and sufferings, I achieved a very important victory over myself. Eating habit was a very big problem for me for many years. I was too much fan of spicy, oily, frying and junk foods. However, these days, my eating habit has become normally and I am really impressed with myself for this kind of radical change.
I feel that my strong emotional attachment and love for my wife has been in the main reason behind this success. I just want to stay healthy and live a long life with her.
In the past, I tried a lot about it but I could not change because I didn’t have a good reason. Now, I have a very good motivation for this matter. So, you should try for changing your eating habit because it will help you to stay healthy.
Slow and Steady Wins the Race: I am too much fond of speed in everything. I read fast, I eat fast and drink fast. I like to do anything rapidly. This has been a big lesson for me in 2010 that going for speed can never bring success for you. Yes, any time I tried to achieve something in a short time, I could but I could not sustain it. Sustaining success is really very important. So, I have decided that in 2011, I will try to take life easier and I will not push myself in anyway for anything. I will try to work in a normal pace.
Never Give Up: 2010 has been very tough year for me. Many days, I felt very sick and mentally frustrated. I just felt that I could not continue any longer and I really felt very upset. If you go through the entries then you will perhaps get an idea what went through my mind in the whole year. I have tried to write about my condition in this Blog. The most important lesson is that try to be always optimistic and hopeful about life. Yes, when you are at your worst conditin, yet, never give up because human life does not stay the same way always. Just one year ago at that day of 2010, I really could not sleep whole night and I was awake.
Now, I have no problem of sleeping and my health has surely improved a lot. That is why, I have learnt a very important lesson of always having positive ideas and positive energy. Just tell yourself that if really the worst days is going to come to you, if you try to accept it and live through the rough passage of time. Sooner or later, you will have better condition. It is bound to happen. I believe in God and when I feel in danger, I try to  pray to God. Even if you do not believe in God- no problem. Just try to optimistic and this really can help. 

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  1. Health is indeed a serious problem for bloggers this is what i felt after 2 years of full time blogging.