Sunday, December 5, 2010

Interview of Ken Wu, Sales Manager, Vivitek Corp.

On December 4, 2010, Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. organized Vivitek Partner Meet-2010 at the Baton Rouge Restaurant in Gulshan. The event was attended by many renowned IT business personnel and media people. Ken Wu, Sales Manager attended the event and introduced Vivitek Corp. and various products of the company. I did a short interview with Ken Wu, where he shared his views about the Bangladeshi markets and their products. Below is given the transcript of the interview:
SAB: Tell us a bit about your self. How you started working for Vivitek corp.?

Ken: I am Ken Wu and I am working as a sales manager for Vivitek. I have been working for Vivitek Corp. for three years. I joined Vivitek in 2008. Now, I am working with Kevin. He is our general manager and he also supervises our marketing activities as well.

SAB: Is this your first visit to Bangladesh?

Ken: Yes, this is my first trip to Bangladesh.

SAB: So how is your experience in Bangladesh?

Ken: Well, I had a great experience. Both Shih and I are very happy to come to Bangladesh. Bangladeshi people are very much cordial and they are also very enthusiastic about IT products.

SAB: What do you think is the potential of Bangladeshi market?

Ken: Well, the technology sector of Bangladesh observed huge growth over the last couple of years creating a huge consumer base. We just went to the IDB computer city and we find to be a very well equipped market and we found that people of Bangladesh are highly enthusiastic about new products. Before coming to Bangladesh, I did not know that there was so much demand of various technological products. I think Bangladesh is a great market for business and we need to put more effort to raise our brand awareness. After returning to Taiwan, we would definitely discuss on how to give more effort to popularize our products in Bangladeshi market.

SAB: Currently, what is the market share Vivtek Corp in Bangladesh?

Ken: Well, I can not give you any specific information, but as you know Bangladesh is comparatively a new market for us and there is a lot of room for growth. We are currently working on raising our brand awareness and our local partner, Global brand is doing very well. We have been working with them for the last one year and they have sold more than one hundred thousand units and the market size of Bangladesh is quite big probably around 2000-3000 units. So, as a new business, they did very well.

SAB: In future, are you going to expand your manufacturing facility in Bangladesh?

Ken: Right now, we have no such plan but as I have already told you that Bangladesh is a very big market and it has huge potential. We are currently focusing on raising brand awareness among Bangladeshi consumers and we would continue doing that. If we have a sizable market, then we might think of having our production facility in this country.

SAB: Thank you very much for your time Mr. Ken.

Ken: Thank you.

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