Sunday, December 5, 2010

Interview of Kevin Y.M. Shih General Manager, Product Management, Vivitek Corp.

Vivitek Corp. is one of the top professional display solutions providers in the world. For a long time, the company has been working on this field and established itself as one of the industry leaders.

Vivitek Corp. was founded in Los Angeles in 2001. In 2002, the company established its IPO team and Engineering team in Taiwan and that same year, it was also established in China. The company also introduced its Rear Projection Display at People’s Congress Hall in China.

For its high standard, Vivitek won ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSMS18000 certification and several product safety certifications. All its projectors are produced by leading Original Design Manufacturers that are ISO certified and RoHS compliant. Vivitek’s projectors use the latest DLP technology ensuring top quality projectors.

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Kevin Y.M. Shih General Manager, Product Management, Vivitek Corp. Below, is given the transcript of the interview.

SAB: Tell us a bit about your self. How you started working for Vivitek corp.?

Kevin: I am Kevin Y.M. Shih and I am General Manager, Product Management, at Vivitek Corp. I have a Ph.D degree in Marketing. I also hold an M.A degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have been working for Vivitek Corp. for quite some time.

SAB: Tell us a bit about Vivitek Corp.

Kevin: Well, Vivitek Corp. is a leading manufacturer of professional display solutions. It was established in 2001 in California, United States. Headquartered in the U.S., Vivitek Corp. has an R&D facility in Taiwan and manufacturing facility in China. It has sales offices in the US, Europe, Taiwan, China, India, and Singapore. We produce LED-backlit HD projector, 3-chip DLP projectors, high lumens, and ultra-short focus HD projectors and other display products.

Vivitek has the largest component factories in the world. We produce both high-end and low-end products that are used in theater, government, education, military, business, home and entertainment. Vivitek also produces luxury HD home-theatre products.

SAB: Tell us a bit about Vivitek Corp’s mission and vision.

Kevin:Vivitek Corp. is committed to nurture talented employees in the long term and explore their full potentials. Vivitek strives to establish a complete training system and create a working environment where employees can further learn and nurture their talents. To that end, the company provides various awards and in-service training courses. Through its performance management system, Vivitek wants to ensure personal development and achieve core corporate value.

Vivitek wants to be a pioneer in nurturing the best practices in corporate culture that would serve as industry benchmarks. Vivitek is continuously working on to provide the best technology through innovation. We want to ensure that when a customer walks into a Vivitek store, he gets more than his/her expectations and to meet their expectations, the company is continuously pursuing excellence. In order to survive in this highly competitive global market, Vivitek hires experienced personnel from different background who would understand the best practices of global business and provides insight about latest trends of the industry so that the company changes to meet the needs of the consumers.

SAB: Can you tell us a bit about the products you are selling at present in Bangladesh?

Kevin: Right now, we are selling our mainstream product in Bangladesh which is the projector. We are currently marketing the D3, D5, D8 and D9 projectors that are highly competitive and provides solutions for a wide range of needs. Tonight, we are going to announce the Vivitek D795WT WXGA crossover projector. It is mainly created for educational institutions.

The Vivitek D795WT WXGA projector offers 3000 lumens of brightness with a 2500:1 contrast ratio. You can create a 93" image from a distance of 1.3' making it ideal for small spaces such as classrooms.

Featuring DLP and Brilliant Color technologies from Texas Instrument and VividWheel III, the Vivitek D795WT WXGA projector ensures high quality color reproduction and picture performance. It also supports 3D technology. The D795WT WXGA projector comes with a wide range of connectivity options including one HDMI v1.3 port, two VGA output port, composite video, and S-video. It also has automatic gain control and built-in speaker.

SAB: What kind of marketing and promotional activities are you carrying out in the Bangladeshi market?

Kevin: Well, as you know that we are very much new in Bangladesh and not many people know about our products. In the year 2011, we would focus on raising brand awareness among the consumers of Bangladesh. We would mainly focus on projectors in Bangladeshi market.

SAB: How is your local partner Global Brand Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. doing in promoting and selling Vivitek Products? Do you have any particular advice for them?

Kevin: I think Global brand, our local partner, is doing a very good job. Yesterday, we went to the IDB Computer City market and we saw that several shops are selling our products which is very good. It indicates that our products have good demand in Bangladesh.

SAB: What do you think is the potential of Bangladeshi market?

Kevin: Bangladeshi market has huge potential and this is why we are planning to put in serious effort to build our position in this market. For 2011, we need to focus on two things. First, we need to promote our products and raise awareness about our products. Second, we are going to launch new products to fulfill the demands of the consumers. To that end, we are going to work with our local partner.

SAB: What is your future plan about Bangladeshi market?

Kevin: Next year, Vivtek Corp is going to launch more than twenty five new products. Today, I am going to introduce our product series and next year we would bring out more new products in Bangladesh.

SAB: From your US official website, I came to know that you are going to participate in the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show 2011 that would take place in Las Vegas. Can you tell us a bit about the technologies and products you are going to showcase in CES 2011?

Kevin: As you know, mobile technology is observing the biggest boom all over the world. Gadgets like tablet PCs and smartphones have become immensely popular. For example, Apple tablet PC is now very much popular all over the world. Looking at the trend, Vivitek Corp. is going to come up with a projector that is smaller and easily portable.

SAB: Thank you very much for your time Mr. Shih.

Kevin: Thank you.

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