Thursday, September 3, 2009

Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan are coming together!

Shahrukh and Salman Khan are two famous rivals in Bollywood and everybody inside and out the industry knows that it would be unthinkable to see the two superstars together but you have to think it because the two Bollywood superstars just signed up for a dance reality show called “Dance Premier League.” One India reports:

The format of the show is such that teams from different zones will participate and Bollywood stars will cheer their respective teams. Salman and Shahrukh are expected to cheer for their teams and if their teams clash both of them might have to make a joint appearance in the show.

The producers of the show are not giving out anything at the moment but the news is out on the street that aside from Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan many other famous Bollywood celebrities will be present at the show. These includes: Katrina Kaif , Bipasha Basu , Kareena Kapoor and Prabhudeva.

If Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan really participates in the show then it would be worth watching. What do you think?

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