Monday, September 14, 2009

Working with a Tight Budget and Limited Number of Players

I saw an article by Maire Ofeire with the title: Arsene Wenger Must Stop Making Same Mistakes If Arsenal Are To Challenge. Frankly, I do not see any problem with Wenger. What most people do not understand is that he has to work within a limited budget. He simply does not have enough money to buy top players like Arshevin or even another player like Thomas Vermaelen. People for nothing criticize him and they forget that the club is repaying a lot of money because of the debt incurred for building the stadium.
I would like to see that Wenger can buy another 5-6 players in the level of Thomas Vermaelen and Arshevin. It would cost him around $100 million. It is a lot of money for Arsenal at this moment because of the financial pressure they are suffering as a result of the Emirates. On the other hand, Manchester United sold Ronaldo with that amount of money. Manchester City could buy some players spending much more than $100 million in the last 8 months. Wenger knows his limitations and that is why, I am behind him 100%. Some players are now injured and he cannot have their replacements in their level in the current team.
Am I wrong?

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  1. First off, thanks for reading my article.

    Just want to clarify that I am a massive Wenger fan and respect what he has done for the club. If you read the article closely its not another one of those just taking a swipe at him for the sake of it - I know many do that.

    Personally - and a lot of people agreed - that he doesn't use the players he has to their full potential.

    Diaby isn't a wide player - he hasn't got the skill or concentration required to play there. All the injuries taken into account (including Rosicky) Ramsey is the best option.

    I understand that the boss is heavily restricted when it comes to the financial side but I do think he could help himself by playing the players in their natural positions.

    Thanks for reading,
    Maire Ofeire