Monday, December 21, 2009

3G auction in India on 14 January 2010?

India has the second largest user base in mobile phone. So, many local and foreign companies are interested about 3g Technology. You know that with 3G technology, telecom companies can offer super fast Internet, voice and video facility to the subscribers. Now, it seems that the auction would take place on 14 January 2010.
PC world reported:
The communications ministry did not issue a notice inviting applications for the bid, as scheduled on Dec. 8, which led to speculation that the auction may be postponed again. The final date for applications was Dec. 21, according to a tentative schedule released by the Department of Telecommunications (DOT) in October.
The auction was originally fixed for January 2009, but was delayed as the country's finance and communications ministries could not agree on a minimum price for the licenses.

Indian government should be more proactive about allowing new technology to come in India. The government wants Indian economy to grow rapidly and for this there is no alternate to new technology. This 3G license and spectrums would bring billions of dollars to the government.  

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