Monday, December 21, 2009

Britney Murphy death cause: Natural or Something Else?

The death of Britney Murphy has caused a lot of sadness among his fans. Many people are finding it hard to believe that such a young and apparently healthy looking person could die this way. Naturally, there are a lot of speculations among people about Britney Murphy death cause. It was earlier reported that she died a natural death and cardiac arrest was the cause of her death. The police and coroner's officials did not find anything unusual until now. However, since Britney Murphy death has sparked a lot of speculations, they are going to carry out an autopsy on the dead body.
Reuters reported:
Police and coroner's officials said no foul play is suspected in the actress's cardiac arrest on Sunday morning in the bathroom of her Hollywood Hills home.
Assistant Coroner Ed Winter said initial reports showed the "Clueless" actress' death may have resulted from heart-related causes but said the autopsy would include toxicology tests. Results will not be known for six to eight weeks.

So, we will have to wait another 6-8 weeks to know the real cause of Britney Murphy death. Well, I wish that the people and the reporters show some self restraint about the whole issue and let the experts carry out their job. A lot of media attention about her death would only hurt his family members and friends at this point of time. 

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  1. it says 6-8 weeks!!! Learn to read