Monday, December 21, 2009

Brooke Astor’s Son: Rich but Dishonest

If she were alive today then, Brooke Astor would have been 107 years old and her son Anthony Dryden Marshall is now 85 years old. Earlier today, Anthony Dryden Marshall was found guilty for misappropriating his mother’s money. Mr. Marshall was looking after the finances of his mother and he gave a raise to himself of $1 million for that job. Can you believe that? It shows that he was not a poor man and in fact, he is quite well off by US standard. Well, greed brings destruction and that is what happened to him.
If Brooke Astor was alive today then she would have become very unhappy for sure. About the background of the case, I a quoting from Wikipedia:
On August 1, 2006, The New York Times reported that Anthony Marshall was accused by Alice Perdue, who was employed in his mother's business office, of diverting nearly $1 million from his ailing mother's personal checking accounts into theatrical productions. Marshall, through a spokesman, said that Brooke Astor knew of the investments and approved of them. Perdue countered that Marshall had advised her never to send to his mother any documents of a financial nature because "she didn't understand it."

Anyway, Anthony Dryden Marshall has been found guilty and he may have to stay in prison for 1 year or more. 

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