Monday, December 28, 2009

Can Indian Cricket Team remain the top position in 2010?

Indian cricket team is going to end the year 2009 with number one spot in Test cricket. It was done by Indian skipper MS Dhoni who led his team successfully. He is hopeful for his team’s achievement in the next year. He says that his team will keep on the leading position for long time. However, it should be really a though task for them because they are going to play only a few Test matches in 2010. May be they are going to play only four test matches next year. It seems that Dhoni is not disappointed about it. He said that he wants to play a minimum number of tests every year.

I think that Indian fans are upset about it. Fewer test matches can be the main reason for India’s downfall from top position. Even India may slip down early from the top position. The existence of Test cricket is under threat. Now-a-days, cricket players do not like to play the longest version of cricket game. The interest of test cricket is decreasing day by day. Let us see how long it can exist.

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