Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Zarine Khan is now the new talk of the Bollywood town

Only few months ago, nobody knew her. Actress Zarine Khan is now enjoying the lime light of Bollywood. She is acting with Salman Khan, one of the top actors of Bollywood. Zarine Khan is playing the female lead in Salman Khan’s upcoming movie, Veer. When the promos of Veer came out, everybody thought that Katrina Kaif was acting with Salman Khan in Veer. Later, it was revealed that it is not Katrina Kaif but Zarine Khan. Zarine Khan was a struggling model and she did some courses in Anupum Kher’s acting school. It was Anupum Kher, who first suggested Zarine to go to Suvash Gai’s Mukta Arts production and there she was chosen to play Katrina’s body double in Yuvraaj which also stars Salman Khan.

Zarine said that the role came to her all of a sudden. She was a struggling model and then one day she got a call from Mukta Arts to work for Yuvraaj. During the shooting, she went to Salman Khan to take an autograph. But the moment Salman saw her, he was very impressed and said:

“Sweetie now you will sign autographs for the world and I knew I was in Veer.”

In Veer, Zarine Khan played the role of Princess Yashodhara, who falls in love with Veer played by Salman Khan. Veer tells the story of an Indian warrior clan called the Pindaris and Veer is the bravest warrior among all the Pindaris. The movie will release in theaters on January 22, 2010.

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