Sunday, February 7, 2010

Waiting for a Recession Free World

The economic recession hit everyone and almost all the countries. I have written a lot about the recession in this blog and in other blogs. Although I live in Bangladesh, I have been a victim because I have seen my income suffering from blogging. I guess that at least 1 or 2 billion people have suffered directly or indirectly from the recession.
Things are supposed to be better in 2010. One month is gone in this year and things look better in USA, China and some parts of Europe. However, Britain and Japan are still suffering. The jobs are not coming back in USA. China has not back the export figures either. In fact, I am not sure whether recession will completely end in 2010. It has been very tough for millions of people like me.
Perhaps it is a very good time for doing some kind of soul searching. What went wrong? How we can prevent it? I am just worried that in 2012 it again does not come back. Things looked so great at the end of 2007 but then everything fell apart from the second quarter of 2008. I wish that again we have good economy every where. Of course, I don’t want the high oil price and high food price part again. 

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