Tuesday, March 16, 2010

JEST 2010 Result is now available online

The JEST 2010 result is out. The Joint Entrance Screening Test (JEST) will be declared today at 2:00pm. To know about your result, visit:


To know about JEST interview dates, visit:


Aryabhatta Research Institute Of Observational Sciences (ARIES) is situated near the beautiful hill town of Nainital. It is one of the leading research institutes of India. It is located in 79° East and almost in the middle of 180° wide longitude band, between Canary Island (20° West) and Eastern Australia (157° East). ARIES specializes in observational astronomy and astrophysics and atmospheric sciences. The main research interests of Astronomy and Astrophysics division are in solar, planetary, stellar, galactic and extra-galactic astronomy including stellar variabilities, X-ray binaries, star clusters, nearby galaxies, quasars etc. It also specializes in inherently transient events like supernovae and highly energetic gammaray bursts. Over the years, the Institute also started theoretical and numerical studies of Relativistic Astrophysics. The institute has two telescopes of apertures 56-cm and 104-cm. There are also two 15-cm telescopes. The 104-cm optical telescope is being used as a main observing facility since 1972.

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  1. Theoretical Computer Science students ........I don't know how it happened, but please check your results once again the percentiles have changed.