Monday, March 8, 2010

Swami Paramhansa Nityanand asked his supporters to stay calm

On March 7, 2010, Swami Paramhansa Nityanand published a VCD which was distributed by his lawyer to the media. Nityanand said that he had not committed any crime. In the five minute VCD, Swami Paramhansa Nityanand appeared wearing an ochre robe and turban. He started his speech with an incantation and said that “calumnies and rumors” were being spread against him. Swami Paramhansa Nityanand said that he had been receiving many emails and phone calls and letters from devotees and friends expressing their support and affection. Swami Paramhansa Nityanand said that he and his associates were looking into the matter and trying to find out the actual facts. Swami Paramhansa Nityanand appealed to his devotees to stay calm and patient and said that he would soon come out with explanation and all the answers. Swami Paramhansa Nityanand requested his supporters not to reach any conclusion hastily. Swami Paramhansa Nityanand gave his speech in Tamil but no where he talked about the sex VCD.

On March 2, 2010, the Indian media went into frenzy when a video clip of Swami Paramhansa Nityanand was shown on famous Tamil television channel, Sun TV network. Swami Paramhansa Nityanand was a very popular godman in Tamil Nadu. He had thousands of devotees. The video clip came to them as a big shock. Later, people ransacked the institutions of Swami Nityanand. The videos clip was recorded by one of Nityanand’s disciples named Nithya Dharmananda alias Lenin. He later surrendered to the police and said that he has more DVDs of Swami Paramhansa Nityanand.

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  1. Let us leave whatever swami nityanand has done in video.Its his personal life anyways.But his teachings have changed lives of many people all around the earth.So many have transformed & came to spirituality line.I do agree swamiji odd activities are wrong.but his teachings are not wrong.He hasnt taught people to cheat,hate or to be voilent.Instead he taught good things only.We need to remember that also instead of criticizing him.I think he hasnt harmed the society in anyway....