Monday, March 8, 2010

Tamil actress Ranjeeta: What would happen to her?

In Swami Paramhansa Nityanand scandal, the name of a Tamil actress Ranjeeta came up. However, in the video clip, the face of the women was distorted. After the news, Tamil actress Ranjeeta became an overnight star. Many people started to search about Tamil actress Ranjeeta over the Internet. People were searching for her pictures and wallpapers. Tamil actress Ranjeeta acted in movies in the beginning of the 90s. She appeared in many successful movies. Later, she got married and then went on to work in TV serials.

Regarding this scandal, inmates of Swami Paramhansa Nityanand’s Dhyanapeetam Ashram did not say anything. On March 8, 2010, Swami Nitya Sacchidananda, Swami Nitya Jnanananda and Swami Nitya Pranananda said that they could not confirm the matter. Regarding Tamil actress Ranjeeta, Swami Sacchidananda said that she was a devotee and she visited the ashram and did a course seven months ago. He did not say anything more.

The inmates of Swami Paramhansa Nityanand’s Dhyanapeetam Ashram said that the entire scandal was a shameless act of a group of people who want to destroy Swami Paramhansa Nityanand’s image. The inmates said that they had received information that some blogs got their hands on the video clip two weeks ago and hours before the telecast, CDs had been distributed among senior police officers and politicians.

Nithya Dharmananda alias Lenin, who claimed to have recorded the video by placing a camera in the air purifier, worked as the driver of Swami Paramhansa Nityanand. Swami Sacchidananda said that he alone could not have done such a work.

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