Monday, April 26, 2010

Chirayu Amin the new IPL chairman

Chirayu Amin, chief of Baroda Cricket Association, has been named the new interim chairman of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Yesterday, BCCI suspended Lalit Modi as the chairman of IPL. This is a surprise move by BCCI because many expected Sunil Gavaskar or Ravi Shastri to become the next IPL chief.

BCCI chief, Shashank Manohar told reporters that Lalit Modi had been suspended and been given a show cause notice. By giving the notice, BCCI gave Modi the time to prepare to defend himself against the allegations of malfeasance. He said that ethics is important as commerce. reports:

Modi is facing 22 charges ranging from financial irregularities to rigging bids proxy holdings and kickbacks in broadcast deal.

Thirteen members of the Governing Council, sans Modi, were present at the meeting at the Cricket Centre in Wankhede Stadium here under the chairmanship of BCCI president Shashank Manohar and unanimously appointed Amin as the interim chairman of the league.

Chirayu Amin also serves the vice-president of BCCI and a member of the IPL Governing Council. He also head Alembic Pharmaceuticals. Earlier, Chirayu Amin’s name came up in a case against Sharad Pawar, former BCCI president. At that time, he was serving as the chairman of the BCCI junior cricket committee. Pawar was accused of lying in front of the court while serving as president of BCCI. In March 2010, the Supreme Court set aside the High Court ruling.

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