Wednesday, May 5, 2010

British Election 2010 Live Results in Different TV Channels, Websites and Radio Stations

The best thing for you to do now to go BBC website:
 There you will find very good live results and updates

Latest Results: Labor: 72
Conservatives: 62
Lib Dem: 9
Others: 19

2:55 AM England Time: Out of 162 seats, Labor has 72 and Conservatives 62
 2:25 AM: 107 seats have been declared and Labor has 52 while Conservatives 36.
2:10 AM: 75 results have been announced and Labor has 38 and Conservatives 21. 
1:53 AM: 57 seats results have been declared. Still, too early.  
 1:33: Prime Minister Gordon Brown has just won his seat.
 1:30: Now, again, it seems that hang parliament is more probabaly. 
 1:15: Still not sure what will happen at the end of the night
1:05 AM: Conservative has their first win of the day and they snatched it from Labor. It is a conservative gain from Labor and a swing 9.4% 

1 AM London Time: Conservatives have won a seat yet but they have the swings. 
 12:50 AM: Other parties have won 3 seats
 12:40: Other parties have won two seats. 
12:40: Still no major announcment of results. We will have to wait may be for anotehr 20-30 minutes to get some more results.  

11:40: PM: Sunderland central seat goes to Labor too and it was a safe seat for Labour too.  
11:25: Washington and Sunderland West seatf was just announced and  Labor won it too. Of course, it was a labor safe seat and nothing unexpected with this win. 
 The first result just got announed and labour won it.  

10:51: Houghton and Sunderland South seat got won by Labor Party and she won the seat decisively. 
10:23 PM England Time: The results of exit poll were announced 23 minutes ago and the predictions are:
The Conservatives: 307 Seats
Labour: 255
Liberal Democrats: 59
Others: 29
So, UK is heading for a Hung Parliament. It is real time live update. 
It is Election Day in England and British election 2010 is supposed to be perhaps the most closely fought election in many years. I’m sure that you are waiting for the lives results and updates in TV channels and web sites and radio stations. No one is hoping for a clear majority and there is every possibility that in the end, we will have a hung parliament. So, there is a lot of interest and excitement about British election 2010.
If you were living in Britain, then getting results is not a problem for you. However, if you are living in outside of Britain then you may wonder how you can get live results and updates. The good thing is that in this age of satellite television channels and Internet, you will not have to wait for the next day’s newspaper to know the results.
Here, I’m giving names of some web sites and TV channels that are providing live results and updates of British election 2010:
BBC Radio, BBC Television and Website:
This is my most favorite and I think that they give the best coverage of any British election. BBC is the biggest name in English media and they have unmatching and unrivaled presence in radio, television and even in Internet. I always enjoy Election Day coverage in it. I’m sure that you have them too. BBC has among the best experts on politics of England and these experts will be very busy today. I’m giving the links of the web sites:

So, now you know how to get results throough BBC. I just said that I like BBC but at this election time, most probably, I’m going to watch the coverage through Sky News. The main reason is that I don’t live in England and that is why, I have to watch either BBC World TV or BBC World Service Radio. Today’s the day, I do not want to have any relationship with the world but just I want to know what is happening in Britain. That’s right, I’m going to get the coverage through sky news TV channel and fortunately, in my cable TV subscription, I have sky news.
Sky News Website address:

If you are living in a country in which you do not have of BBC or Sky then I think that CNN is the best choice for you if you have it. CNN has many journalists in England and CNN is giving a lot of importance to this election. So, if you can tune into CNN TV channel than it is great or otherwise visit their website for latest updates:
So, I have given you the major sources from which you can get information about the British election 2010. You should not have any problem getting the latest results and updates live if you follow these websites mentioned above.
Here, I like to say some few words about the election 2010 because I’m very excited about it. I have been keeping a close look Of the British elections for the last twenty years and in all of the previous elections that I can remember, there was not a lot of excitement. It was always clear that who would win and who would lose. Opinion polls were very decisive before the voting took place, but this time, it is just the opposite. Even in the last moment, no one can predict what will happen in the election.
The main attraction of this election is the television debates which have clearly brought mass people into the election process very strongly. Debates had done another very important thing and had made the election process a three way race in instead of the traditional competition between the Labor party and the Conservatives. The debates did one very important thing by making the leader of the Liberal Democrats very popular. There is a strong possibility that the Liberal Democrats may just manage to get themselves in the second position in the new parliament. 

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