Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Meet 50 most popular women on the web

In our modern age, women are good for advertisements and Internet is a very nice place for ads and earning and spending money. So, I am not surprised to see the list of 50 most popular women on the web in which a number of Hollywood actresses featured. I do not know much about who made the list but I understood this much that the list is based on Google search results. For example a search on my name Razib Ahmed would return 162,000 results in Google. Not bad, don’t you think?
Well, first of all I am not a woman. That is perhaps why there is no comparison between my name and that of Eva Longoria in Google search. Eva Longoria is in the 50th position on 50 most popular women on the web and her name brings 7,850,000 results which is cool. Lady GaGa is in the first position and her name brings a massive 80,600,000 results. Frankly, I am simply speechless. However, I have no idea who Lady GaGa is as I am not from USA. I live in South Asia and to be honest with you, I have no idea about almost half of the women in the list.
Well, I cannot remember of finding any woman from Asia. I have a theory about it. You see that English is the dominant language in Internet. USA is the land of this language and USA has the largest number of websites. Hollywood is a very big industry. So, naturally, people search about US women more than the Asian women. Since people search more about the American women, websites and blogs give a lot of coverage about them. Naturally, in Google they bring more results.  
Now, let us come back to the list of 50 most popular women on the web. Four women who obviously made in to the list are: Oprah (14), Sarah Palin (18), Michelle Obama (21) and Hillary Clinton (32). Perhaps, I was a bit surprised to see Marilyn Monroe there. I could not imagine that she is still so hot and popular nearly half a century after her death. With some exceptions, women and girls with sex appeal and beauty are exclusively in the list.
I was shocked not to find Julia Roberts there. I felt that she should have been there and she deserved to be there more than most of the women. Perhaps, Julia Roberts did not create any scandal or any sex tape of her was not found any where or she did not have any nude or naked picture. So, people are not that much interested about her.
Anyway, it shows that most people in the world are getting addicted to sex tapes or naked images instead of acting talent. It is sad and tragic but it is the reality. The list of 50 most popular women on the web only reminds us of this sad reality again. 

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