Monday, May 17, 2010

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif another big Bollywood breakup

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are moving towards break up. Recently, the two stars were shooting at Mehboob studio for their respective movies but they did not even talk to each other.

At Mehboob studio, Salman Khan was busy shooting his upcoming movie, Dabaang, and Katrina Kaif was also doing a photo-session at the same place for Zoya Akhtar’s upcoming movie, Running With The Bulls, which stars Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol and Farhan Khan. But none of them talked with each other.

A reliable source said, "Salman and Katrina were shooting in the same premises for almost the entire day but didn't even bother to go say hello to each other. The air in Mehboob was rife with tension with people speculating what would happen when Khan and Kat stepped outside their vans and bumped into each other."

The vanity vans of the stars were surrounded by security personnel who always made sure that the stars do not see each other. They always informed each other about their movements.

When Katrina Kaif was contacted about the rumor, she denied it and said that all of them had lunch together.

Not only Katrina Kaif, few days ago, Hrithik Roshan, another protégé of Salman Khan, was also shooting at the Mehboob studio his upcoming movie, Guzaarish, but he did not came to talk with Salman Khan. Last time, when the two were shooting, Salman Khan went to Hrithik’s van and chatted with him but now everybody leaves after pack up.

Katrina Kaif had been voted Asia’s sexiest woman for two years in a row. In an online poll conducted by MSN India in April 2010, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif were voted the hottest couple of the decade. Out of 38,648 readers, 36% said that Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan look better than Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai.

All these are now just history. The Bollywood is now abuzz with rumor about break up between the couple.

It was Salman Khan who helped Katrina Kaif to establish in Bollywood. Initially, he took Katrina Kaif in his own movies. He also referred her to other movie makers as well.

Movie makers did not like Katrina Kaif due to her poor acting skill and westernized Hindi accent. In her initial movies, directors did not let her dub her own lines. Now, she is the top actress of Bollywood with highest number of hit movies to her credit.

Problem started after Katrina Kaif found success with Akshay Kumar in Namastey London. Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan do not share good relationship with each other and Katrina Kaif’s chemistry with Akshay Kumar did not go down very well with Salman Khan.

In 2008, Katrina Kaif, with Akshay Kumar, gave another hit movie, Welcome. In the promos of Welcome, Katrina Kaif was wearing short skirts. When Salman Khan objected to producer Firoz Nadiadwala about the matter, Nadiadwala talked with Katrina Kaif. At that time, Katrina Kaif was staying in Australia. She told Nadiadwala to move ahead with the promo.

Then in January, at Salman Khan’s Birthday party at his Panvel farmhouse, Salman Khan got drunk and when Katrina Kaif tried to stop her, he pushed her aside.

Salman Khan also became unhappy after he came to know that Katrina Kaif signed film with Rajkuma Santoshi where she would be paired with Shahid Kapoor; another actor whom Salman Khan dislikes.

Salman Khan used to tell Katrina Kaif in which movies she should work and with which actors but Katrina Kaif did not like his interference. Earlier, film makers used to approach her for her link up with Salman Khan but after she became successful, she started to take her own decisions and this is now leading towards break up between the couple.


  1. um. what? i was there that day and i remember specifically that kat went to his bollywood news is so fake!!!and as much as i don't even care about these people, i saw all of those stars acting cordial and fine. they don't have to be best friends, gosh.

  2. they will marry one day.

  3. i hate u katrina. tum nay aisa kar k acha nahin kiya. salman ki waja say tum nay success hasil ki ab jab bollywood ki top actress ban gayi ho to tum selfish ho gaye. tumhein is ki saza zarur milay gi. u will have 2 pay for it.

  4. kat never thought you wil do it with salman who is my favourite actor hate you............................................

  5. Ash, kat.... All the same... They are ready to kiss ass and do anything when they are the underdog.... But once they have their footing in Hollywood, it doesn't take them a second to bite the hand that helped them get to that place....
    Ash is nothing more than a mere gold digger... And we all know she married the ugly abhishek bachan only because of his last name... If jaya wasn't in the picture, im sure she would try to go for amitabh as well....
    Oh well... I'm sure Katrina will do the same....

  6. omg this is all crap. salman has never interfered in her business. he doesnt even watch her movies cuz he doesnt like it when she shows her skin thus he has stopped watching them. this means he lets her do whatever even if he doesnt like it. omg indian media is sooo stupid. they twist everything. get a life u losers and let others live their life. anyways salman can find someone better anyday. hate ash and kat both. both r the same. use ppl and then throw. atleast this time salman dumped her. good cuz she is a loser who doesnt match with him. luv u salman!!!!

  7. sallu need to mature now and look for a girl of his near by age. Kat is too young for him. This is expected anyway. May be this time Sallu learn the lesson about his short temper behaviour. Guys think why girls leave Sallu or what you think about Sallu is gr8 except body.I don't think he is a great actor or a great person. At 44 now you are trying to be good and when you are young you were most stupid. I believe he will learn now

  8. I love both of them. I hope that they make up and get married.

  9. katrina ek baat dhiyan mey rakhna jab tak salman ka naam tumhare sath juda tha tab tak aap kamyab thi ab aagey dekhna pictur ke liye tarsogi ye mera wada hai aish ko hi lo kiya hua us ka bhik mang kar kaam karti hai ab tumko to bhik bhi nahi milegi

  10. ikay i thing u have done wrong .i want to know why u leave salman.but i still. love u untill death salman to