Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shahrukh Khan’s one phone call saved a marriage

Even a phone call can save a marriage especially, if the caller is some one like Shahrukh Khan. The Bollywood Badshah is very busy clearing up his IPL mess and his upcoming project, Ra. 1. In the middle of all this, he received a very emotional letter from a man named, Kandula Subramaniam, who lives in Gurgaon. He and his wife, Krishnakoli Dutta, have been living separately.

Their relationship turned sour and Subramaniam tried every thing to win her back but nothing worked. Then it came to Subramaniam that Krishnakoli is a big fan of Shahrukh Khan. Subramaniam, in desperation, tried to contact Shahrukh Khan.

He found Shahrukh Khan’s email address and wrote a heartwrenching mail describing his marriage and his relationship with his wife. He requested the Bollywood superstar to help him to bring back Krishnakoli.

Though a super busy man, Shahrukh Khan took out time to help Subramaniam. On May 18, 2010, on her birthday, Krishnakoli received a phone call which came from none other than her favorite Bollywood hero, Shahrukh Khan.

Shahrukh Khan wished Krishnakoli Happy Birthday! and then earnestly requested her to give another shot to her estranged relationship with Subramaniam. The actor was very cautious as he did not try to invade her privacy or make her angry.

After hearing about her relationship with her husband from Shahrukh Khan, Krishnakoli was very much surprised. She at first thought some one is playing jokes on her but then she understood that it was Shahrukh Khan for real.

Krishnakoli promised Shahrukh Khan that she would try and make things work with Kandula.

Sounds very FILMY but it is a true story and Shahrukh Khan did not disclose the story. Times of India reported it because Kandula Subramaniam used to work for the newspaper once.


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