Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Apple iPhone and iPod touch battery getting drained by iOS 4

Apple iPhone 4 has had a tremendous opening but not everything is perfect with the phone. Already many users are very much unhappy with Apple iPhone 4 display and antenna.

On June 21, 2010, Apple released its iOS4. For a long time, Apple iPhone users were asking Apple to add multi-tasking feature to their favorite smart phone and Apple granted their wish but the new iOS4 caused another headache among iPhone and iPod Touch users.

After upgrading their phones to iOS4, many users experienced their battery losing power quickly. Hours after upgrading to iOS4, many users found poor battery.

PC World reported that users who upgraded their iPhone 3Gs and 3G and iPod Touch observed that their batteries were losing power very quickly. iOs4’s multi-tasking feature is being blamed for this but the real reason behind this power loss is not known yet.

Apple added multi-tasking feature to its iOS4 to help business people. Though the multi-tasking is very limited but the problem with multi-tasking is, applications working on the background would drain battery power.

The only solution against this problem is taking up the $69 protection plan. If you see that your battery charges are dropping significantly then you should go for the $69 protection plan. Under this plan, Apple would replace your battery. The battery of the iPhone is inseparable which means you would get another iPhone.


  1. I have a gen 2 touch and have not seen this problem...but also have no multi-tasking

  2. Hi.

    Problem is there. I restored to old version and battery performance increases by orders of magnitude. The problem is the WiFi. When I disable WiFi I have very long battery performance. Issue somehow relates to keeping the connection on the WiFi on for a long time. I suspect this is the only reason iPod Touch owners are seing this. iPhone users probably don't use WiFi as much.

  3. Ditto...My iPod Touch 2G battery did drain a lot faster after installing the new iOS 4, however, after closing the apps a turning the iPod off then back on, battery power replenished itself. Also...recommend placing the iPod Touch into the new AirPlane mode and disabling Settings>General>Location Services.

  4. I updated my iPod touch 2nd gen 2 days ago and now it has a dead battery. I was using it last night with no issues. Woke up this morning and attempted to use my Ipod and it was dead. It will not turn on and does not take a charge.

  5. I am trying an experiment that I hope will help because I already disable wifi, push, bluetooth, etc.

    Double tap home to bring up the multitasking program list. (recover from the shock of how many programs are 'running') Kill off programs by touch and hold to bring up the wiggle, then touch the minus '-' to stop the program.

    I am hoping this helps until a real fix comes from Apple

  6. Close those open aps! iOS4 allows multi-tasking thus all those recently used aps are still running, and draining your battery. Close them and all should be better.

  7. Open apps are not the problem. I have a 2nd gen touch and I have the power problem. I don't even HAVE multi-tasking.