Friday, June 18, 2010

Apple released updates for MobileMe Web applications and Find My iPhone application

On June 18, 2010, Apple released update to its popular MobileMe Web applications and a new application called Find My iPhone App. MobileMe Web application allows the user to sync all his Apple devices all the time while Find My iPhone would help a user to locate his lost iPhone or iPad.

MobileMe Mail beta, which was launched on May 12, 2010, received the significant updates. The application is now open to all members. The interface of MobileMe Mail now comes in a three column format with folders on the left most columns, message in the middle and a reading pane on the right most column. There is also a third view mode in case if the user does not like the three-column view.

User can set their filtering criterions to filter mails and “one-click message archive” option like Gmail.

The biggest addition in the MobileMe Mail is that users, from now on, would be able to send emails to their MobileMe mail account from their non-Mobile e-mail accounts through site. This feature was not available in the beta version.

MobileMe also comes with a new navigation interface similar to MobileMeMail’s top bar with iPad like buttons.

Instead of separate buttons for each application in the MobileMe interface, there is a cloud icon in the top left corner which opens up a MobileMe app switcher that is similar to the “Command-Tab” switcher found in Mac OS X. Through mouse or keyboard, users would be able to pick various apps in this switcher including Find My iPhone. However, Account settings icon and help options have been placed under a separate menu.

Apple also released a new universal application titled Find My iPhone. Users who lost their iPhones or iPad can easily locate it through this application. All they have to do is enter their MobileMe credential into Find My iPhone application through a friend’s phone and locate their device. The application also allows the user to remotely set a passcode to lock their device, display a message if someone finds the device or remotely delete all the sensitive data from the device. To maintain privacy, Find My iPhone automatically logs out a user after every fifteen minutes.

The MobileMe updates are now available to all MobileMe users. Find My iPhone is free to download through the app store. The application requires iOS 3.13 or later version OS.

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