Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Green Hornet Video Trailer Generates Some Buzz Online

The Green Hornet video trailer is available in Internet and it has already generated good interest among US Internet users. Google Hot Trends shows an increasing number of searches about this movie in the last few hours.  
If you want to watch the trailer of The Green Hornet then just watch the video here:
Seth Rogen is the hero of this movie and the whole story revolves around him. Jay Chou is his sidekick and he is of Asian origin. Together they fight against the criminals. In the movie, Seth Rogen is perhaps not a super hero in the traditional sense. He does not have any special power like other super heroes such as Superman or Spiderman.
Cameron Diaz is the beautiful heroine of The Green Hornet movie. The movie is expected to be released in January 2011.
The Green Hornet was a successful radio program in USA in 1930s. There was a TV series with the same name 1966–1967 TV season. Van Williams and Bruce Lee acted in the TV series. If you have seen the TV series then you must remember the music.
The TV series was popular and it was shown in some other countries of the world too. The Green Hornet movie of 2011 would be a pleasant reminder for all the fans of the TV series.  

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