Tuesday, June 15, 2010

INQ is coming with its Android 2.1 based touchscreen phone

Touchscreen phones are becoming increasingly popular in India. Low priced touchscreen phones like Samsung Corby Pop has already become a huge hit. Now, other major handset makers are looking forward to launch their own low priced touchscreen phones in India and INQ is one of them.

British based handset maker, INQ, in September 2009, announced that it would launch an Android based handset. After nine months, finally the company is ready to launch its first touchscreen smartphone. The new handset would run on Android 2.1 OS. INQ launched INQ Mini 3G and INQ Chat 3G on Aircel in March 2010.

INQ is famous for making low cost mobile phones that support social networking sites like Facebook. For the first time, the company is coming up with a touchscreen smartphone. In an interview with GigaOm, INQ Mobile CEO, Frank Meehan, announced that his company would release the first Android based handset by the end of 2010. Many believe that the phone would be released in the fourth quarter of 2010.

Aircel is the official carrier of INQ in India. So, the new smart phone will be available on Aircel. Price and specifications of the phone has not been revealed yet but it is widely speculated that the low price touchscreen phone would comes with social networking tools such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace.

The big question is whether the phone would only have low price and social networking for handset makers are launching low price touchscreen handsets with loads of features in the Indian market.

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