Wednesday, June 23, 2010

iOS4 Update: All You Need To Know

At the Apple World Wide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) 2010, Steve Jobs, unveiled the new Apple iPhone 4. On June 21, 2010 Apple released iOS4, the new operating system for its iPhone, and iPod Touch.

The iOS4 comes with many new features. For a long time, Apple iPhone users have been complaining about the lack of multi-tasking feature on iPhone. Apple listened to their objection and fulfilled their wishes. The iOS4 adds multi-tasking capability to iPhone.

Many people are now surfing the web to get the new iOS4. If you are still having difficulty to update your iPod Touch or iPhone then here is how you can do it.

First and foremost, the new iOS4 will not support all iPhone and iPod Touch models. If you are using jailbreak of unlocked iPhone, then you should better stay away from the upgrade. You would have to wait till the iPhone developer team releases Jailbreak or Unlock Tools for iOS 4.0.

The iPhone 3GS has full compatibility with iOS 4.0 but will not be able to run four features. The iPhone 3G will partially support iOS4.0. iPhone 3G users would not be able to multitask, load wallpaper and use Bluetooth keyboard to operate their iPhone 3G.

iOS4 would not support iPhone 2G (blame the hardware) but there is a custom modded 3.1.3 firmware with iOS4 features available.

The iPod Touch 3G, like the iPhone 3GS, will fully support iOS 4.0 except few features will be missing. The iPod Touch 2G will partially support iOS 4.0. It would not support multi-tasking, wallpaper and Bluetooth keyboard. iPod Touch 1G will not support iOS 4.

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