Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Will Barcelona be Interested to Swap Lionel Messi for Cesc Fabregas of Arsenal?

There is simply no respite from Barcelona camp in their hot pursuit of Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas. A few days ago, Lionel Messi wanted him to play with him.
Now, Barcelona striker Pedro Rodríguez has called on Fabregas to join the Catalan side while the outgoing President Joan Laporta has stated that it was just a matter of time that they get what they want. The way they are doing their publicity stunt perhaps would raise some eyebrows in London and perhaps the best option for Wenger is to call for a swap between Messi and Fabregas.
Fabregas has a long term contract with Arsenal and everyone knows that. Football contracts are made for the benefit of the player as well as the club. So, naturally, if Barcelona wants to have him then they should offer a good price. After all, he is the best player for the Gunners right now just as Lionel Messi is the most important footballer for the Catalan side. If Arsenal wants Messi for £29 million then will Joan Laporta would happily accept the bid? After all, Messi does not have Barcelona DNA just the way Fabregas has!
Joan Laporta has said, "Arsenal will end up giving in, but I don’t know when that will be. We will have to wait and let the professionals who are taking care of it do their work. The market is very changeable and is moving at the moment, so we have to be careful in that sense."
Arsene Wenger has clearly and strongly said that the player was not for sale. He also viewed that this captain should honor the contract he signed.
Joan Laporta did not say anything about the willingness of spending more money for a quality player. He and everyone at Barcelona are just saying repeatedly that Fabregas has their DNA and Wenger sort of poached them in 2003.
The funny thing is that even in 2003 people like Joan Laporta did not understand the true value of Fabregas and as a result, the player came to London and slowly turned into a super star. Even now, Joan Laporta and his colleagues have failed to understand the real value of this great player.
For a player like Fabregas, an offer of £29 million is almost a joke considering the fact that Mr. Laporta has already spent £34 million for David Villa. 


  1. Lol.. stupidest thing ever.

    We should believe that Barca would want to swap MESSI for Fabregas.. lol.

  2. messi does have barcelona DNA just the same as fabregas, he's been there since he was 14...
    ridiculous blog

  3. u should be an idiot to swap messi for fabrgas

  4. Fabregas for Messi? Although, having a player of such caliber as Cesc in Camp Nou would only compliment the Spanish steamroller loosing Messi, the reigning FIFA Footballer of the Year, for Fabregas is RIDONCULOUS!!! Messi has been touted as the greatest soccer player ever with the likes of Maradonna and Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger calling him the "greatest player he has ever seen", and he has Fabregas in his side!

  5. Seriously? *FACEPALM*

  6. how dumb are you? Messi has as much of the Barca DNA as Fabregas does, this would make sense if Barca had taken Messi from Arsenal at a young age, which they did not. We'll swap ya Fabregas for Hleb, that makes sense.

  7. Messi's loyalty is all for Barcelona and how someone can say he doesn't have Catalan DNA. He is so much a Catalan than Fabregas. And Messi for Fabregas? Is it a joke......... Messi is 10 times more talented than Fabergas.... Only someone who has lost his mind can give Messi for Fabregas.

  8. brilliant article ... the point here is not to actually do the swap but to reflect the situation from a different perspective ( not barca's perspective )
    And for all you wining that messi this and that: keep in mind that Messi is an argentinean player. Cesc is catalan. DNA is something you get born with :)). So, NO, Messi is not Barca DNA :))

  9. messi has italian blood stupid