Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Salman Khan: Time to Find a Wife

Salman Khan is now 44 and half years old and on this December, he is going to be 45. He is old enough to be called as an uncle. He is still not married and he just wasted his time for many worthless actresses and models. Now, it is time to get settled in life and get married to a nice girl.
It is not clear why Salman could not get married yet and settle down in life. His first super hit film was Maine Pyar Kiya and in that movie, he acted in the role of Prem. Prem tried to overcome every obstacle to get married to Shuman (Bhagyashree). That movie was the most successful Bollywood film in 1989.
21 years have passed since the success of Maine Pyar Kiya and Salman just failed in his relationships with girls. The main reason perhaps is that he never tried to find a normal girl from an ordinary background. Most of the time, he was in love with actresses and models.
Aishwarya Rai was one of the girl friends and the relationship did not work out. Now, Salman is said to be in love with Katrina Kaif. Katrina has more or less played the hide and seek game with the media and has hardly admitted openly about being in love with him or marrying him anytime soon. Now, there are some reports that Salman is in the process of falling in love with Zarine Khan who is a new actress in Bollywood.
If really he falls in love with Zarine Khan then this relationship would also perhaps end in failure. He should try to find a girl out of the glamour world who would not try to milk him for her success and ambition. 


  1. aray y do u want to interfere in his personnal matter,he is very much happy,he always keeps his fans happiest fans of any other star..
    luv u sallu bhai

  2. sallu bhai rocks,
    he is using sallu bhais name for just cheap publicity and fame ,thats it.

  3. sahi baat ha.sallu bhai ko kat se peecha chura lena chahiye.she used him for her success.bhai ko aik achi si larki dekh kar shaadi kr leni chahiye.

  4. Taklu women abuser no one should marry him. He is always looking for women way younger than him. He should be put behind bars and throw away the keys

  5. Roda Salman gaya guzra budda hai. Kote wali bai dund do.

  6. Taklu do not deserve man or women. he is animal killer human killer

  7. Well said I totally agree with the author of this article.

    Salman needs a simple girl who will appreciate him in every way....

  8. sallu bhaii....japat lo zarine ko...nd shaadi karlo...katrina ko laaath maro..