Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shahid Afridi: Asia Cup Cricket 2010 will not be Affected by Soccer Fever

Shahid Afridi, the captain of Pakistan cricket team, has recently revealed that the World Cup football would not affect the upcoming Asia Cup Cricket 2010 starting from 15 June in Sri Lanka.

Four Asian teams including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are going to participate in the tournament. Sri Lanka, the defending champion, would like to retain the title, while Pakistan and India are expected to give tough competition to Sri Lanka.

World Cup Football has kicked off on Friday and Asian football fans are pretty much excited with the tournament. So, there are fears among the organizers that Asia Cup may attract less attention due to the prevailing football fever. However, Afridi does not quite agree with that.

Shahid Afridi said to AFP, "Football is huge, but I hope after the 90 minutes of excitement (of a World Cup game) fans will give cricket its due attention and follow the Asia Cup.”

Pakistan team set out for Sri Lanka on Saturday. Pakistan cricket fans are expecting some good performances from Afridi and his teammates. Pakistan’s form in the recent tournaments was poor and fans are pretty much disappointed with it. So, Asia Cup is a big opportunity for Pakistan team to show that they still have the guile for winning matches for their country.

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  1. ndia captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni believes the rest given to the senior players has done a world of good to their game and they will play to their potentials in the Asia Cup starting on Tuesday.

    Speaking at the launch of the Asia Cup trophy, Dhoni welcomed the return of the senior players and hoped they would keep intact, if not enhance, their reputation