Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why England Lost to Germany

England lost to Germany 4-1 in the round of 16 and crashed out of the World Cup Football 2010. Their exit would shock millions of England fans. Actually, England did not play as bad as the scoreline may suggest.

Then the question ‘what went wrong’ appears. The reality is that England played really very well and their performance was way better than what they displayed in the three group matches.

Though Germany started off very well and got two goals in the first half an hour through Klose and Podolski, the Three Lions continued their attacking show and got a goal through Matthew Upson in the 37th minute.

However, the deciding moment of the match came when a Gerrard goal was unfortunately discarded by the linesman just few minutes before the half time. It reminded many of Germany’s goal, which was also abandoned in the same manner, against England in the 1966 World Cup.

Starting the second half one goal behind, England went for all out attack and provided some scary moments to the German defenders. However, England’s efforts went in vain when Thomas Muller scored in the 67th minute from a counter attack. Just 3 minutes later, Muller gave the last dent to England’s coffin in the same manner from another counter attack.

So, it seems that England conceded last two goals mainly because of their reckless attacking intent which the situation demanded as they were a goal down in the match. However, the situation could have been different if the Gerrard goal was not thrown away.

That means, the rejection of that Steven Gerrard goal decided England’s fate in the match.


  1. What the hell? Did you even watch the same game? I am English and have to say that we simply played sluggish and slow in comparison to the Germans and gave them no defensive resistance. Of course, it WAS a goal, but to say that that decision is the reason we lost the game is a sad excuse. That situation was still in the first half, and we simply failed to score at all afterwards.

  2. England is a collection of egoistic highly paid set of individuals who rally cant play the game. Lucky they got this far, just an overhyped team, thats all

  3. England played very bad in comparison Germany it's really!
    I'm english usual
    This world cup is to brazil i think

  4. He right except it was not Lampard. Germany is not that good. After the second German goal, England played well. The played 4 4 2 after. It it was tied it would have been 2 4 4. Teams have to go all out to catch up even if they get caught on counter attack. There are too many mistakes by refs, FIFA needs to embrace technology just like hockey, NFL etc. Too many ball calls. There is too much money is at stake to lose on a bad call.

  5. Thank you for your article .England were undone before the half by a referee's blunder that makes goal line technology ,Miroslav Klose leads all players at this World Cup in career goals scored in the tournament. , hope you will continuo your informative post.

  6. This is just an excuse for their loss.Even the die hard English fans would admit that the German side played like a team that deserves a place in the next round . The Premiere League has managed to make this bunch of reasonably talented players become superstars in the eyes of their fans and not to mention super rich. This leaves them with a passion and motivation which is way below of that shared by the players from other leagues and countries. Overpaid, over hyped .....

  7. england are just not good enough to win the world cup. they are the most everrated team in football history. Next compitition will be euros and englsnd will automatically be first or second favourites. i think england should stop trying. just stay at home and watch the world cup on tv next time. dont participate.