Sunday, June 27, 2010

Waka Waka of Shakira has become a Huge hit in Youtube

Columbian popstar Shakira and Freshlyground’s “Waka Waka” is the official anthem of FIFA World Cup 2010. The lyrics has been written by Shakira.

Shakira performed the song at the World Cup Kick Off Concert that took place at Orlando Stadium in Soweto, Johannesburg. The song was an instant hit.

For Shakira the performance was very emotional for her parents watched the concert and became very proud and emotional. Shakira said,

“That was amazing... one of the most memorable moments — of not only my career but of my life. It was just so emotional……I think that the fact that the World Cup is taking place in Africa just makes it extra special. South Africa is also a country that has so much history and it was just one of those moments I’m sure I’ll never forget,”

However, not all is well with the song. Many are saying that the song has been stripped of its original content and has become meaningless. It would have been better if the song of an African artist had been chosen as the official anthem of the World Cup 2010 as it is hosted by South Africa.

“Waka Waka” is actually copied from another hit song of Cameroon. The original song titled Zangaléwa was sung by Golden Sounds in Fang language. Initially their name was not included in the credits but now it is mentioned.

Two of the band members of Golden Sounds- Ze Bell Jean Pau and Dooh Belly Eugene Victor heard that the World Cup 2010 song has been inspired from their song and in an interview with Sunday Times Cameroon they said that they were “honored.”

The original song was inspired by a military march and it was released in 1986. Pau, Victor, and a third band member Emilie Kojidie wrote the song. The song talks about a World War II rifleman and became an instant hit.

Zangalewa was sung in Fang language of Cameroon and the “Waka Waka” is actually mispronounced.

The song has been a super hit in Youtube. When this report is written, the song has been viewed 45,833,780 times and 53,577 comments have been posted. A new Youtube video showing “behind the scenes” of “Waka Waka.”


  1. I'm Waka for Waka! lol :>)

  2. Shakira was amazing IS AMAZING AND WILL BE AMAZING.

  3. Yeah! I luv Waka Waka, im african and i dont care if a non-african person sang this song. (To be honest i dont think that they would have sounded as well as she did).