Friday, June 25, 2010

Will Barcelona Spend £50 For their DNA in Cesc Fabregas of Arsenal?

When it comes to Cesc Fabrgas, Barcelona officials become emotional and they put all their claims by arguing that he has their DNA. They want their DNA back from Arsenal and for it they are kind enough to pay some money even.
So, according to them, Arsenal and Arsene Wenger should not have any kind of right on the player although it was in London that Fabregas came at the age of 16 and got all the facilities and even could take part in Premier League regularly. In fact, he decided to leave Barca for this opportunity only. He knew that he would not get any chance to play in the first eleven at Barcelona.
Fabregas took the right decision at the age of 16 and he thus became a world class player. Of course, he is a gifted and talented footballer but it was Wenger who not only spotted the talent in him but also arranged that this talent could flourish in the highest level. Fabregas knows it and he has officially expressed his gratitude towards Wenger.
Now, Fabregas wants to leave London and join Barcelona. There is nothing wrong in this desire. He is a professional footballer and he has every right to join any club he wishes. However, what he is perhaps forgetting is that in professional football, things are done according to rules. He is still under a long term contract with Arsenal and if Barcelona wants to take back their DNA then they have to pay Arsenal a good amount of money.
All the problems are now perhaps stuck only in this money matter. Barcelona at first offered £29 million and now they perhaps are read to give £35 million. On the other hand, no Arsenal official has spoken in public about a potential price they want for their best player. However, it is understood that they want something like £80 million. Barcelona bosses have made it clear that they would not pay such a huge amount of money.
The middle point between 30 and 80 is $55 million. So, £50 million sounds the good middle ground between these two clubs. While Barcelona bosses are very emotional when it comes to their DNA in Fabregas, they are not so emotional about this kind of money. Instead they are hoping that Fabregas would express his desire to leave Arsenal more vocally and this would force Wenger to let him join the Catalan club at £35 million.
Thus, Barcelona bosses love Fabregas but they don’t love him enough to spend even $50 million. Cesc is perhaps doing a big gamble. It was Thierry Henry who left Arsenal at peak of his form and joined Barcelona 3 years ago. Now, Henry is almost no body. In this world cup, he could not even feature in the first eleven for France

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