Monday, July 12, 2010

Cesc Fabregas in Arsenal next Season: To be or not to be?

Spain has won the world cup but the drama about Cesc Fabregas staying at Arsenal or going to Barcelona next season has not finished yet. After winning the world cup, Fabregas dedicated the win to Arsenal supporters, players and officials but fell well short of committing to stay in the club. On the other hand, he did not say anything about moving to Barcelona either.
Cesc Fabregas said, "This is for the Arsenal players, the Arsenal fans, for the manager and all his staff.
I have had lots of texts and Blackberry messages. My phone is full.
I had a text message of congratulations from Arsene Wenger. He said I deserve it. I just think this is for everyone at Arsenal who helped me get to where I am now.
I am really proud to have been an Arsenal player."

It is nice to see that Fabregas has thanked Arsenal officials, players and fans in the best way. After all, he got all the opportunities and support at Arsenal especially from Wenger.
Wenger guided him for glory from a very early age and he was made captain too. Fabregas in return, paid rich tribute to Wenger.
The last 24 hours have been very confusing about the whole Fabregas saga. First, there was report that Wenger did not meet Barcelona president at South Africa. The message from Wenger was that the player was not for sale at any cost. Perhaps, the untold message was that if Barcelona were so desperate to get him then Arsenal expected something more than £50 million and £80 million sounded good.
There has been no official or unofficial reaction from Barcelona camp yet. Right now, it is Barcelona president Sandro Rosell who is under pressure because in the run upto the president election for the club, bringing Cesc Fabregas was one of the major issues. However, Rosell knows it very well that the club cannot afford to spend £50 million or £60 million.  
Because of Arsene Wenger’s policy of developing a young squad in the last few years, Arsenal did not suffer any financial problem and are now under no pressure to bother about what Barcelona wants. However, the problem is that it is Cesc Fabregas who wants the same thing as Barcelona.
It is perhaps better for Arsenal that now either Arsene Wenger or the Arsenal president comes out in public and frankly states their intention about the future of Fabregas. If they are ready to sell him to Barcelona then they should openly talk about a price or clearly informs to both Barcelona and Fabregas that at this moment they wont sell the player.
This whole issue of the future of Fabregas should be sorted out as soon as possible because it is not doing any good to Arsenal. There is just one month left before the start of the new EPL season. 

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  1. Gutstavito AlvarezJuly 12, 2010 at 5:55 PM

    I guess all this Fabregas issue is becoming a mediatic issue and will lead into Cesc becoming the brand-new sports firm product. I think that he's an excellent player and we should keep him; however, I wouldn't like him to be unhappy and, as a result, have the Gunners' plans of winning any silverware this term knocked off because of his instability.

    I understand that there are some rumours linking Germany's new geme Mezut Özil with Arsenal. I don't think that's such a ridiculous idea…