Monday, July 5, 2010

Does Back to the Future Movie has anything to do with July 5 2010?

Back to the Future was a science fiction movie that was released in 3 July 1985. It was perhaps the best movie of Michael J. Fox. Thus, 25 years have passed and people still remember it.
So, it is not perhaps surprising that people are searching about this movie in Internet. However, what is so shocking is that people are searching with this keyword: "back to the future july 5 2010”
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Why people are relating July 2010 with this movie. After all, nothing is related to July 5 2010 and the movie.
Here, it should be mentioned that another two movies were made with the success of the initial one. Back to the Future Part II was released on November 22, 1989 and Back to the Future Part III was released on May 25, 1990. All 3 of them were really super hit and were blockbusters in the box office. For example, it took 19 million to make the first part and that one earned $381. The second part earned $331 million. So, they were commercially successful.
Both Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd were at their best in the 3 movies.
In the end, it is still not clear why people are searching about the movie today. It really does not matter. It is perhaps a good time to see Back to the Future again.  


  1. Rumor has it that Marty sets the DeLorean to a date '25 years in the future' and that date is today (July 5th 2010), but I have not been able to confirm this.

  2. July 5, 2010 was the date punched into the Delorian at the end of Back to the future


    check this out.

    The delorean time machine with the time

  4. That's a lie, you can check on Youtube the original trailer and it says October 21st 2015, I was searching like crazy too. :)