Monday, July 5, 2010

Lionel Messi should target Copa America 2011 from Now

After the defeat in the quarterfinal at the hand of Germany, Lionel Messi and the other team members have not said anything to the media. It is still not clear what will happen to Diego Maradona either. However, Messi should now think of Copa America 2011 only.
With his club Barcelona, Messi has won many trophies. However, with his national team Argentina, he is yet to win any notable trophy. Of course, his fans may point out that he helped Argentina to win 2005 FIFA World Youth Championship but it was a junior thing. Messi played well in 2007 Copa América and Argentina went in the final but then lost to Brazil 0-3 in the final.
2011 Copa América will take place in Argentina on July 3-July 24. Thus, the local fans will expect that Argentina would win the trophy. Of course, you cannot take anything for granted because in this tournament, there are teams like Brazil and Uruguay who will try their best to become champion.
Brazil is a strong team and even in this world, they played well. They have some of the top players in the world. That is why, Lionel Messi must take mental preparation to bring the trophy for Argentina in 2011 Copa America. He should sometimes go and stay in Argentina in the next 12 months and get familiar with condition there.
For almost a decade, he has been living mostly in Spain. However, most of his fans are in Argentina and they consider him as the next Maradona. 


  1. That is the most retarded thing I have ever read. Well done.

  2. No matter WHAT Messi does,we love him anyway,he is the best.Messi forever!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for Messi!!!! The best player on planet earth ever.

  4. Messi won the 2008 Olympic gold medal with a great young team and a coach that understood him much better than Maradona. Hopefully Maradona will do the right thing and step down. He wasted the chance of a lifetime because he is selfish,and only cares about his personal accomplishments.

  5. Well my name is Prema from Malaysia, well I am a biggest fan of Brazil and Uruguay. They are the best team and are very strong. This is will be my first time watching the Copa America as I have never watch this game before. The only games I have watch was the recent World Cup, Spanish La Liga, Bundesliga and English Premier League. I will not want to miss this games as I love to watch Brazil and Uruguay play and also the rest of the other country. So hope to see all the countries qualify and wish all the best as you start the preparation soon. All the best and may the best country win.
    God Bless