Monday, July 5, 2010

Germany vs Spain: Miroslav Klose things They can Win

The war of words has perhaps just started and Miroslav Klose of Germany feels that Spain has some weaknesses and Germany can beat Spain. However, the striker has also praised the quality of his opponents. He has stated that Spain was better than Argentina or England.
The striker Miroslav Klose said to the media, "They're a fantastic team. I watched a rerun of their game against Paraguay and it was fantastic.
But it also showed us Spain are not invincible, not unbeatable. We have to filter out their weaknesses and exploit them. Against Spain, we'll continue in the same vein. To be solid at the back and be aggressive in attack.
I think there's a slight difference to the way Spain played in 2008 to the way they play today and now we'll try to find an a way to stop their passing game."

Klose and other German players have not been able to forget the defeat at the hand of Spain in the final match of Euro 2008.
In this world cup, Miroslav Klose has been simply outstanding. He has already scored 4 goals and now with 14 goals, he is the joint second all time leading scorer in World Cup football. If he can just score another goal then he will become the joint all time leading goal scorer along with Ronaldo of Brazil in this competition. Ronaldo is not playing in World Cup 2010 and it gives Klose the opportunity to surpass even Ronaldo.
It seems that everything is going smoothly for this good German striker. Perhaps the only thing, Klose can do after the world cup ends is to make an English version of his website which is in German language at the moment. 

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