Monday, July 5, 2010

Shakira scores most with Waka Waka in World Cup Football 2010

A look at the YouTube will show that Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) of Shakira has 70,757,752 views and 76,636 comments. Yes, you are right and you are not dreaming. This song has been viewed 70 million times in just one month.
The World Cup is yet to finish and it will not be shocking if the number of total views pass 100 million. Of course, this stat is only for the English version. This is becoming one of the most viewed songs of all time in YouTube. People from all over the world are enjoying the video. It is also being aired in hundreds of TV channels and radio stations every day in almost all the countries in the world.  
England, France, Italy, Argentina- all big names are out of the tournament already and the people in those countries have now no interest about the tournament but they have no problem to enjoy this song of Shakira.
Waka Waka has helped Shakira to become a truly global artist. It has given her a platform to become famous in all the countries of earth as football is truly a global sport.
On the other hand, the other song of this world cup, Wavin' Flag has not enjoyed same kind of success at least in YouTube. Shakira is already very famous and she has a kind of hot sex appeal that K'naan does not have.
In the end, it does not matter who becomes Champion or the leading goal scorer because it is Shakira who has really scored most with her Waka Waka song and dancing.

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