Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Joe Cole needs to settle down Soon

Joe Cole is yet to find a club to join despite the mater that at least 3 big clubs of EPL are interested about him. For more than one month, the saga has continued and it may not end soon. Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has publicly come out and asked Cole to think of his game instead of money.
Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham have shown strong interest about getting the midfielder who also plays in England national team. He is available on free transfer now and that makes him one of the most attractive players available in transfer market this summer.
Despite all the interest from these 3 big clubs, the main sticking point is difference between the expected salary from Cole and the willingness of the clubs.
Joe Cole wants something around £120,000 a week while the clubs are not very excited to pay him £80,000 a week or even less. For the last one month, this problem has continued and it has reached to a stalemate position.
The England midfielder needs to decide what he wants. If he really wants money then he should try to contact Manchester City as City has been making all the headlines with their money from Arab owner. However, it is understood that even City is not prepared to pay him £120,000 a week salary.
It is important to settle down soon or else clubs like Arsenal and Liverpool might go for other players and it really may become too late for Joe Cole to find a decent club with decent offer.

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