Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shakira should perform at the Opening Ceremony of Commonwealth Games 2010

Shakira impressed millions of people in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of World Cup Football 2010 with her Waka Waka song. The song proved to be a big hit in Internet too. So, the organizers of Commonwealth Games 2010 should try to get her for the opening ceremony.
There are some reports that the organizers of the Games are trying to have Katrina Kaif to do something like Shakira did. There is nothing wrong with Katrina Kaif. She is now the top actress in India. However, Commonwealth Games is something in which around 70 nations of the world are expected to take part.
Outside of India, Katrina Kaif is hardly a familiar face. On the other hand, Shakira is now a global celebrity. Even in India, she has become a familiar face thanks to this World Cup. Waka Waka song was broadcast in various TV channels for one month almost every day.
Secondly, Shakira is a singer and she is a much better dancer than Katrina Kaif. So, the organizers of Commonwealth Games 2010 should make Shakira the main attraction instead of Katrina. Katrina can be there but on a different segment.
Commonwealth Games 2010 is going to be the biggest sporting event ever held in India. If they can host it successfully then Indian organizers would get the confidence to dream for arranging Olympic Games in near future.  


  1. Stupid article. Katrina is ruling queen of bollywood and she should perform. Who cares if she's 'hardly a familiar face' outside India. This event is happening in India and who is a better candidate than Kat? Alsa Kat is better dancer than Shakira. Kat can do Indian step effortessly and Shakira can't.

  2. Shakira should never perform in front of all the assholes of India. No wonder --India is famous in imitating the west. Until last month they might have never ever thought of performing such an event. Now since Shakira is a big hit, the organizers of CWG want to lure her to India-- maybe because if other things go wrong, at least Shakira's belly dancing would fetch a little pride to India.
    And comparing Katrina Kaif to Shakira !!!!!!!!!!!! My God!!! Perehaps Kat even doesn't know the 'b' of belly dancing. If any bollywood celebs are ever to be brought to perform for such occassion , i think the best choice would be undoubtedly for the queen of dancing - Madhuri Dixit.
    What a pitiful thinktank!!

  3. The article is not stupid but you are. Don't even think of comparing Katrina Kaif to Shakira. Yes she is extremely beautiful actress but no one hardly knows her outside India but Shakira is globally famous who rocked the Football World Cup. This event might be too small comparing to the Fifa World Cup or Olympics but it will be seen by more than 50 countries. That's why the organizers need a global calebrity to make it an attractive event.