Thursday, July 22, 2010

Katrina Kaif scandal is a Nasty Hoax

Internet is a good place but sometimes, bad people try to take advantage of it and it exactly what has happened about Katrina Kaif. Many people in India are now searching about “katrina kaif scandal” and it really has no truth with it. There is some gossip of a video clip in which it is said that the actress is there but it is simply not true or real.
Katrina Kaif is now perhaps the number one actress in Bollywood and many people are interested about her. So, if there is any scandal about this beautiful actress then naturally thousands of people would want to know about it.
So, whoever started the rumor knew that it would immediately catch the public attention. Some people are saying that the girl in the scandalous video was a look alike of the actress while most perhaps would disagree. The girl in the video is no way any similar to the Bollywood actress.
The motive of starting such a hoax is not clear. May be, the persons who started the rumor wanted to gain some publicity at the expense of Katrina’s name. May be, some people are jealous of the actress and wanted to create doubt in the mind of her fans about her character.
Sex tapes or scandals are not that uncommon in Hollywood. However, it is still uncommon in Bollywood.
It should be mentioned here Katrina Kaif’s sister suffered from similar video hoax a few months ago.

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