Friday, July 16, 2010

Lamhaa Hindi movie review: Rahul Dholakia failed to deliver what he promised

After so much hype and hoopla Rahul Dholakia’s political thriller, Lamhaa, has finally released in theatres and the verdict is it is totally a wasted movie. Why? First of all, the movie does not stay true to its tagline “The Untold story of Kashmir.”

What it shows turns out to be very typical such as children being trained as terroists, guys blasting themselves are nothing uncommon to people. The movie does not show the real feelings of the people of Kashmir. What really do they want? What is their cause of fighting?

Rahul Dholakia did intensive research on the subject but he messed up trying to balance between the reality and make believe. In the end, Lamhaa turns out to be one of those disappointing Indian patriotic movies where Indian soldiers rises up to the occasion and becomes the real hero. What should have Dholakia done is to make it a serious movie just like A Wednesday with no nonsense approach.

Another big disappointment is that from the beginning, the viewers are told that something serious is going to happen in Kashmir that would paralyze the country. So, the viewer will be expecting something serious but it turns out to be a very simple matter. The screen play fails to keep the viewers hooked till the end and the poor climax just adds up to viewers’ disappointment.

In terms of acting, Sanjay Dutt looks rugged but not convincing. He fails to successfully portray his role of an undercover MI officer. Bipasha Basu though worked very hard, she also suffers from the same problem. Kunal Kapoor’s acting talent had not been fully exploited in the movie. Only Anupam Kher played his part convincingly.

However, there are good things about the movie, the camera works of James Fowlds is very good. You will see some great visuals of Kashmir. The shaking of camera would give the viewer a real feel. There are some great scenes like Aziza being attacked by the female party workers of Anupam Kher. Overall, Lamhaa fails to deliver what it promises.

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