Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Apple iPod Touch will borrow features from iPhone 4

After Apple iPhone 4, it is time for Apple iPod Touch. Every year at September, Apple releases a new version of Apple iPod touch. If that is true, then Apple would launch a new iPod Touch this September. As per news reports, the new Apple iPod Touch will be launched in the U.K.

At a company event titled "Xmas in July" which focused on the holiday-shopping season in London this week, Rob Hennessy, an audio and telecom buyer for U.K. retail giant, John Lewis, said that the updated iPod Touch will be launched in September and it will be aimed at teens and kids.

Rob Hennessy said that the new Apple iPod Touch would be heavily inspired from iPhone4 which was unveiled by Steve Jobs at Apple World Wide Developers’ Conference on June 7, 2010.

The new iPod Touch will come with a new and more improved 5-megapixel camera which can even record video in HD format, accelerometer and gyroscope that means users can now play games on the iPod touch. FaceTime Vedio chatting which is one of the major features on Apple iPhone 4 will also be on the new iPod Touch. However, to use this feature the user would require a Wi-Fi connection. The new device would also come with lots of social networking features.

However, none of these specifications have been confirmed yet.

Apple iPhone 4 became a runaway success selling 1.7 million units within three days.

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