Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ray Williams Homeless: Something has to be Done

It is a very shocking story that someone like Ray Williams could be homeless. He played in NBA for a decade and he was a very good player with decent record. He earned decent amount of money but after retiring from basketball, he became bankrupt and now homeless.
Dan Devine has written a passionate commentary in Yahoo Sports Blog: The sad tale of Ray Williams: 10-year NBA vet now homeless
The title says it all. This blog entry was written based on a report of Boston Globe: Desperate times Ex-Celtic Williams, once a top scorer, is now looking for an assist
The sad part is that Ray Williams was not exactly like other celebrities who became famous for running and wasting money after women, wine or gambling. Even his life style was not that luxurious compared to many other rich players.
Just a few wrong financial decisions made him broke. After retiring from basketball, he could not find a decent job either. It is also perhaps evident that no friend, family or relative is eager to support Ray Williams now. So, it is upto NBA and the ordinary people to help him.
If you are a fan of Basketball then you can think of coming forward and help this helpless man who has perhaps nothing to live for now. The media should give proper coverage to the plight of Ray Williams. Fortunately, many people are now searching about him in Google and this should perhaps help to support Ray Williams.
Something must be done to help Ray Williams as soon as possible. He has given a lot to the US society and it is the time for the society to pay him some back for his efforts to entertain thousands of people.


  1. I agree, I have been through some hard times and no from experience how friends or family do not offer support if you have been down on your luck for too long, most people are just too absorbed with their own lives' and want to believe someone else has done something wrong instead of having compassion for someone else and that it can happen to anyone of us. Unfortunately, I think he just got into the NBA before you could really make money, and some of the programs to assist players may not have been in affect then. $12,000 is a ridiculous amount from the Player's Association and to expect him to get off his feet... I am struggling myself but would love to find a way to help him and contribute!

  2. I agree Razib!!!! If you find him, tell him to get in contact with me. I'll see what I can do.

    Tom Lally