Sunday, September 26, 2010

World Heart Day 2010: It is Time to Act

Today is the World Heart Day 2010. It is celebrated last Sunday of September every year and today is that day. The main goal is to create awareness among people about taking care of their heart. Well, I have to say that I understand the value of this matter.
I have been suffering from overweight for quite sometime and last month, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol problem. So, World Heart Day 2010 has added and special significance for me. I have started to act and am trying to take care of my heart in the best way possible. If you are overweight then you should really be serious about your heart.
In the past, I was too much fan of mutton, fast food and frying food. They are very bad food your health. Crisps may sound to be a light food but it is full of calories. So, I have been forced to stop eating all of them.
Today, I ate banana and peanut and I believe that both of are good for my heart. So, it does not matter whether you have heart problem or not, you start taking care of it. World Heart Day 2010 should remind all of us that modern life style is not healthy and we need to act. We are becoming less physically active. It is time we change and take action to save our life. 

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